Welcome to the new generation transforming Information Technology into Intelligent Technology. Embrace 21st century Solutions that are Smart. Simple. Secure. Open your door to Success. Meet blue dog NETWORK.

Technology Solutions for your Business

Innovative solutions designed to meet the needs of your business
blue dog NETWORK understands that the only business that matters to you is your business. That’s why we have invested the time and resources necessary to develop an in-depth knowledge and proven solutions to greet your specific business challenges. And engineered optimal solutions to support your success. We provide intelligent technology (IT) solutions to solve the unique business needs in your world, enabling your company to maximize your efficiencies, increase your productivity, and minimize your bottom-line costs. Please visit our industry solutions page to learn more about our a la carte and full service portfolio, download helpful information, and link to solutions engineered just for your business. We provide many services such as Software as a Service (Saas), Desktop as a Service (DaaS) also known as a virtual desktop, Hosted Exchange, SharePoint Foundation and more.

Making your workflow easier

Powerful Ideas. Powerful Solutions
Your business vision includes understanding and embracing the best technology innovations everyday. And you want it Smart. Simple. Secure. NOW. Businesses need solutions that can help drive growth, improve productivity, and deliver more products and services—easier and faster. You are not alone. blue dog NETWORK combines a set of services with enterprise-class infrastructure, technical resources, best practices and superior customer service. Intelligent Technology solutions—not just Information Technology-- that deliver the advantage your business needs in the marketplace and will overcome any business challenge you are facing.

Cost Efficiency

In today’s economic climate, reducing costs is one of the top 3 challenges every business must confront. Finding ways to cut expenses while increasing the productivity within your business is on every manager’s “to do” list. blue dog NETWORK expertise, experience and latest 3rd generation full solution portfolio can help you successfully face today’s economic challenges. You are not alone. No one else gives you so much.
With our intelligent technology solutions we help you control and manage network costs, improve efficiencies, streamline workflow and increase productivity. We’ll show you how you can save 30-50% on your IT right now. And plan for change across all revenue, relationship, and technology boundaries. Business continuance protected and served by blue dog NETWORK.

Collaboration and Connectivity

Instantaneously bring geographically dispersed people and offices together more efficiently to enhance productivity. Connect your workforce. Connect with your customers. Real time, any time. blue dog NETWORK provides business technology solutions and the collaborative tools necessary to enable access to the right people at the right time to make key decisions, enhance the customer experience, and help organizations avoid project delays and missed opportunities. Update records at the click of a mouse. Secure all users and assure all information is secured, regardless of communication channel.

Increase Productivity

Businesses have always pushed to be more productive, from streamlining processes and improving communication, to expediting decisions. It’s all about working smarter to improve your bottom line. blue dog NETWORK makes the “every day every way” solution that will drive your productivity and secure your accountability.
Download our “welcome to cloud control” list of services and products that are available to you right now.

Secure Your Business

24/7/365. With blue dog NETWORK, concerns with natural disaster, cyber security breaches, software as a service providers, backup and recovery issues or simple user error are a thing of the past. Secure your critical data and secure your customers’ confidence with blue dog NETWORK at your side.